Photography Sessions

We believe that pets are a very important part of our families and our lives.  Who wouldn’t love walking by a portrait of them every day or looking through an album and seeing their personality unfold. They are never with us long enough and we want the make sure their memories last you a lifetime. We want to get to know you and your pets so we can create portraits of everything you love about them. Each of our sessions is as unique as each pet!

What To Expect :

Sessions take place in our dedicated pet portrait studio in downtown Muncie. Sessions generally last about an hour and are very laid back and fun. Remember that your pet does not need to be an obedience star to have an awesome portrait session. 


Amy has been working with animals professionally since 2009 and has the utmost patience. We move at your pets pace and never force an animal to do something they aren’t comfortable with.

Sessions :

$95 |  Full Session in our downtown studio (Muncie, IN)


Rainbow Bridge Session | Please contact Amy directly for a special session if you  have a pet that is terminally ill or very elderly.


The session fee above formally books your portrait session, covers the session, 

pre-session consultation, and a private reveal appointment.